Sunday, August 1, 2010


On 31 July 2010 Saturday night, 10:30 PM got into kurnool bus from Hyderabad MGBS. The gentleman next to me in the bus, told me to get down at Kurnool instead of ALAMPUR Cross road because there are no facilities to stay in the night.  Alampur cross road came half an hour before Kurnool Bus stand.  I reached Kurnool by 3:30 AM and relaxed in the Delux lounge for 2 hours (Rs.20/- only) took bath and got into Alampur bus at 6:60 am, as I was not ablen to catch 5:30 am bus.  Reached Alampur at 7:30 am.  The bus conductor told me the route to Jogulamba temple (about 1 km from the bus stand and there are no autos. 

It is a great historical place with the Nava Bramheswaralayams of the Sun temple like structures.  I forgot to carry my camera.  I have taken a CD and a couple of books about the temple and museum.  By 10:30 I was at bus stand and took bus to Kurnool  I was able to reach by 11:30 am and also got the bus to Hyderabad by 11:50 am.  I reached Hyderabad by 4:15 PM (got down at Aramghar) and  home by 5 PM. Alampur is a beauiful place with unforgettable sculpures and historical facts.

There is one more temple of RENUKA Ellamma Devatha near Undavelli  located on the NH7 that I could not go, since the information is given in the CD is not noted by me at the time of my tour  Here, the  Head of Renuka Devi the mother of Parasurama is worshipped.  Parusurama has cut the Head of his mother on the orders of father Jamadgni Maharishi and the head fell 12 kms away from the Alampur NavaBrahmasewaralayam.  The name of the village is Undavelli in Mahaboobnagar district. The locals have not been familiar with this temple details, so, I have not been able to add this during my trip though the time is sufficient if planned.
PS: There is also a buddist caves in Krishna Guntur area with the same name UNDAVELLI CAVES.  So, this is in Mahaboobnagar district.  Thisone is not so popular as the Buddist caves Undavelli  of Krishana district.. 
The CD that I got from the Jogulamba temple clearly tells about the RENUKA ELLAMMA temple.  I have seen Renuka Ellamma temple in the Chadarghat turning at the corner of Moosi nadi bridge as we are coming frm Kotito Nalgonda chowraha.  But, this is the first time I come to know that Renuka devi is the mother of Parusurama the incarnation of Maha vishnu himself who has cut the head of his holy mother for the sinful thoughts of Maya and on the ordrs of his father Jamadagni maharishi.  However, I have not yet seen the Renuka ellamma temple at undavelli of mahaboobnagar district.  Some day I wish to visit this place  again.  Internet search didnot yield the necessary details except for a blog message by somebody.   


  1. Thanks for detail post i was planning in the month of Augast to visit this Place

  2. I visited this place, it was a nice historical place.

  3. I'm from alampur......felling very happy and excited by reading this...THNX